The Real Game Series
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This program enables students to:

  • discover unique personal skills and talents with respect to life/work roles, and interact positively and effectively with others;

  • build, reinforce and maintain a positive self-concept;

  • see how schooling (all subjects) and extracurricular interests are directly related to future life and work roles, and how furthering knowledge and skills opens doors to new opportunities;

  • explore financial management and budgeting, and realize there is a link between education, training, income and such lifestyle aspects as time available for family, community and leisure;

  • explore a range of teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making and communication skills, and develop effective work habits in multiple life/work roles;

  • explore diverse work and community roles, and discover what aspects of these roles bring most satisfaction;

  • explore links and balance between work and broader life roles, including the dynamics of building, living in and contributing to a family and community;

  • explore the impact of chance events and learn how it feels to lose a job through no fault of one's own, and how to convert adversity to opportunity;

  • explore work search/creation skills as well as effective personal marketing and time management skills;

  • make judicious choices regarding school and other aspects of life, feel more in control of decisions, and move positively and with enthusiasm towards personal futures.


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