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Student Testimonials:

"I was surprised at how this program is very involving and fun! The way it is organized is pure genius! More programs and activities should be like this." (10th-grade student)

"I found out that a person's career is not decided completely on their skills. Their attitude is really important. And most people, me included, have hidden talents that will be useful for a future job." (9th-grade student)

"I learned that balancing a budget can be tough; money doesn't go as far as I thought. It's expensive to have kids!" (10th-grade student)

"I learned that finding a job makes you feel good about yourself. And I learned that you should never give up and that there are a lot of open jobs for people to find if they would search for them." (9th-grade student)

"It's often not the employees' fault when she loses her job, and there are ways to cope with it. In fact, if you work together as a group, you can do almost anything." (10th-grade student)

"I learned what my strongest interests and skills are, that skills don't always come from education, that I like working with people and getting information, and that I love learning." (10th-grade student)
Counsellor Testimonials:

"I look forward to working with the teachers and students with this program. The experience is positive and fun for all of us. The students actually want to talk with me, at length, about career issues. I've had trouble getting their attention in the past. Hat's off to the people who created this outstanding new resource." (counsellor)

It can be hard to motivate students to do career planning, and a real challenge to get teachers to make time for career issues. With this program in our school, students and teachers want to discuss career themes. It gets students exploring options, on their own, talking with their parents, and using other resources in the career centre." (counsellor)

Teacher Testimonials:

"This is the last day of class for the school year. This program held students' attention to the very end, and that says a lot for it." (9th-grade teacher)

"This is the best way I have had for teaching the concept of budgeting. Good work! (9th-grade teacher)

"I can't wait to teach this whole program next year. I'm doing it at the first of the year so I can do it justice. It's great!" (10th-grade teacher)

"Students liked the fact they were put on the spot to determine what they have to do to continue working. The 'pink slips' caused excitement and good discussion. It was good for the students to realize the implications of job loss-that it can happen to almost anyone, for many reasons-not just incompetence or poor performance." (10th-grade teacher)

"A great program. I've learned a lot, and plan to use it in the fall in two classes. It is an answer to what I have wanted to teach for a long time, and it's all in one program and life-like." (10th-grade teacher)


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