The Real Game Series
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Student Testimonials:

"I like how we got to learn different languages and get to learn how to do different jobs and get to pick where we want to live." (sixth-grade student)

"I loved the part when we got to colour the house and car. This game is really fun. I learned how to cooperate and work with other people." (fifth-grade student)

"I liked the game because it was fun to have a house and a car and a company, and it was fun being a writer. It was also fun when we got in our groups and coloured and did the script, and went on the computers, and coloured the map." (fifth-grade student)

Counsellor Testimonials:

"The guide book is very well laid out. Sessions are clearly headlined and easy to follow and the content of the sessions was consistent with other curricula: research, reading, writing, group work." (counsellor)

"I truly enjoyed this project and have a great deal of respect and admiration for the work that went into developing it. Kudos to all of you." (counsellor)

Teacher Testimonials:

"The class is thoroughly enjoying the entire process of the game. They particularly like the idea that they can have so much input, make suggestions, take opportunities and 'control' their end product." (5th-grade teacher)

"The teamwork, cooperation, brainstorming, discussions, making lifestyle choices, and learning new technology have been an 'awesome' experience. The children have experienced a lot of success and really look forward to each of our classes in the game. They can't get enough of it." (6th-grade teacher)

"I think the game is a great deal of fun and a wonderfully relevant experience for children. Students learn about cooperation and responsibility to self and others. I thoroughly enjoy facilitating this program. Extremely teacher-friendly. (6th-grade teacher)

Jack Meets the Cat was educational and fun. Students were given the opportunity to develop many skills, e.g., writing, public speaking, etc. Great Finale." (6th-grade teacher)


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