The Real Game Series
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Student Testimonials:

"I realized that you can learn and have fun at the same time." (7th-grade student)

"I was amazed to see how much it costs to raise a family. I thought my parents didn't like me when they said no to the Reeboks. Now I wonder how they were able to say yes as often as they have." (8th-grade student)

"There are all types of jobs and The Real Game helps us to better understand them." (8th-grade student)

"I learned that life is much more than just work, and the importance of being active in my community." (8th-grade student)

"I never thought dreams could become reality... I now realize how much school has to offer."
(7th-grade student)

"I wish the program could go on all year." (7th-grade student)

Parent Testimonials:

"Our son showed a real improvement in his work methods. He confided that The Real Game taught him to always do his best. He added that the game made him enjoy school more because he now understands its importance." (parent)

"The Real Game is an excellent program that should be available to all students." (parent)

Teacher Testimonials:

"The students now have a much better understanding of the outside world. So do I!"
 (8th-grade teacher)

"I like the cooperative decision-making and problem-solving activities included in the program. Students are not quiet, but they are always on task and really involved with each other. My job is not difficult. In fact, it's fun!" (7th-grade teacher)

"The Real Game is a pleasant change from some things I have to teach. The students don't want to leave after the bell, even at the end of the day, and they always look forward to coming back." (8th-grade teacher)


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